Juliette Swildens
Swildens is her maiden name. Juliette is a fashion lover. Since her childhood, she has been immersed in a creative universe alongside stylist and designer parents.

This passion for fashion prompted her to create Swildens in 2006.

Many influences from the 70's, 80's and 90's feed her fashion culture. It's all this that makes the identity of Swildens, both bohemian and chic, rock and classic, all tinged with natural materials, refined colors and feminine cuts.
The Swildens collections
With each collection, the brand surprises with its feminine and vintage mix, all associated with the classic codes of the men's wardrobe and Parisian chic.

Juliette loves clothes that stand the test of time adorned with pretty details. The materials are always soft and comfortable. Exclusive prints meet with great success every season.

Some pieces have become iconic at Swildens: overalls, sweatshirts, petticoats... for a look that is both casual and sophisticated.

The iconic Swildens

Exclusive prints
Each collection has its many exclusive prints. Juliette develops unique patterns specific to the brand in-house with our textile designers. India, its atmospheres and its colors are a great source of inspiration for Juliette every season.
 Message sweatshirts and T-shirts
Each season has its collectors. Selected colors, original typography, boyfriend proportions, qualitative materials... Everything is studied so that they become your new darlings.
Flared jeans
70's influence obliges, Swildens is a past master in the art of fitted jeans on the thighs, flared at the bottom, with patch pockets on the front. Available in new colors and washes each season, there is no better way to lengthen the legs and taper the silhouette.

The petticoat

The petticoat is the bohemian piece of the Swildens collections. It is revisited each season with new prints, new materials, for a look that is both chic and relaxed.